Williamstown Beach – Outing with MPC

Last weekend, a bunch of us from the Monash Photography Club went to Williamstown Beach for a photowalk. I usually shoot with my Nikon DSLR, but I decided on that day that I would try using my old Yashica TLR which I have bought a while back but never had the chance to try it out. Because of its old age, the light meter has not been working and thankfully I have the Sekonic Light Meter L308S Flashmate to use with it.

I shot with Kodak Portra 160, overexposed at 100. I had the film developed and scanned by Vanbar, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how awesome the overall quality of the photos. For those who are unfamiliar, the size of these photos is 6×6 square.

Okay, I think I’ve found a camera which is going to help me drain my bank account. Stay tune, I might shoot more of this bad boy in the near future.


2 Comments to “Williamstown Beach – Outing with MPC”

  1. I really love the color of this film! Very well done ~

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