Market Lane Coffee

I’ve heard many people raving about Market Lane Coffee for its quality brew and excellent service. Right after finishing my quick lunch, I headed off to Prahran to check this place out. Market Lane Coffee is actually situated in Prahran Market, and sadly the market was not open.

I love the wooden furniture at this gem. The window lighting was so good and the staff were really helpful and friendly. I was mostly impressed with their coffee. I had firstly a latte of their single origin Paraiso from Brazil and then I couldn’t resist having a second cup of their pour over Nyakizu, which originates from Rwanda. It tasted really floral and complex with a candy sweetness and notes of pineapple butterscotch and apricot.

I think I have found my favorite cafe to hang out, especially on weekdays where there’s not a lot of people. I swear I could just stay there for hours, reading books and relaxing. One sad thing about this place is that they don’t seem to do breakfast or meals.

Oh, guess which of these photos was taken with my iphone? =)


7 Comments to “Market Lane Coffee”

  1. what a nice place to be, looks so cozy and homey…

  2. what a nice place. i so love all your photos.

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