Moon Under Water – Builders Arms Hotel

It’s been a while since the last time I indulged myself with a fine dining experience. When I first read the article in Broadsheet about the newly opened Moon Under Water, especially when I was going through the photos of the restaurant I instantly knew that I had to visit this place immediately and so I did, along with my usual dining companions. This time we decided to do lunch, instead of dinner because I noticed from the photos that this place has such gorgeous lighting from the window. What I love about this place was the all-white decorations, in addition to their top-notch service and food of course.

Moon Under Water only serves 4-course set menu, no À la carte.  The interesting thing is, their menu changes frequently according to the market produce and the availability. I won’t bore you with more words, here’s the list of the menu during the week I visited this place.

1. Winter vegetable salad

2. Black rice, red mullet and cuttlefish

3. Aged pheasant, boudin noir, apple

4. Burnt butter hazelnut sponge & chocolate ice cream

I think this place could also be the perfect venue for a small wedding reception. Everyone should try to visit this restaurant, while it’s still fairly new and easy to book.


2 Comments to “Moon Under Water – Builders Arms Hotel”

  1. you really do have great photos 😀 me => jealous! hahah!

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