Melbourne Open House 2012 – Phillips Shirts

Last weekend, I visited the old working shirt factory Phillips Shirts as part of the Melbourne Open House 2012. This building was built back in the 1915 and it has not changed much since Phillips Shirts bought it back in the early 60s. This factory is currently still in production. As part of the open house tour, I was allowed to view the inside of the factory, the old equipment that are still in function, the archive of the vintage fabrics as well as the old original warehouse of the building.

It was pretty interesting overall, to see how most of their equipments and setup are still very traditional. I hope these photos will give you an idea of what I saw. If you missed out on MOH this year, you can always attend it next year. MOH is held every year around the end of July, with many interesting old and new buildings being constantly added every year.


2 Comments to “Melbourne Open House 2012 – Phillips Shirts”

  1. oh, those sewing machines remind me of my granma’s and the typewriter that i used to learn to type, glad i had patience ‘coz if not for those machine i’d never be typing as fast as 85wpm, 😀

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