Back To Basic

In case I never mentioned it, I’m actually a huge fan of analogue photography. I love the fact that film photography always have that organic and natural look to it. On top of that, the colours are just brilliant. Something that digital photography can never achieve, perfectly.

A few weekends ago, I went on a road trip with a buddy of mine. It was a pleasant day with sunny weather and a bit of light wind. I finally took out my Nikon F100 which has been sitting collecting dust in my room. I loaded her with a Kodak 160 which Egor gave me. Being a huge procrastinator, I never got around to get this film developed until recently. Anyhow, when the results came back I was so happy with some of the shots I took (though most of them were out of focus, I think I need to really practice more). Here are a few shots that I have compiled to share. Enjoy y’all.

The first half of the photos were from the road trip, and the place is called Marysville. It’s a bit of a drive from Melbourne CBD but so totally worth it. The rest was taken in Melbourne CBD.

These films were developed and scanned by RAW Digital and Film Lab

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5 Comments to “Back To Basic”

  1. sometimes things do not have to be perfect to be loved. i feel this way about film. there just some qualities about natural look, colors, honesty, time feel and texture that film offers that no digital can imitate. film colors are often so good it never cross my mind to edit pictures, and i never feel this way about digital.
    beautiful photos Sutejo. love the colors & light.

    • I agree and thanks Kristina. I will shoot more film these days, I’m so addicted to it now even though I’m basically draining my bank account with all the processing and scanning fee.

  2. I also love analogue but I don’t have the gadget… I wish I have one though, I know there are a lot of them in the market right now but I want mine to have a story behind like it was owned by my parents or grandparents. Maybe I should just start my own story huh? Anyway, hope you had a good holiday! Happy new year!

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