On a sunny winter’s day

I finally bought a small point and shoot film camera into my collection. I’ve been a fan of Zeiss and Contax and these two combinations are found in a Contax T3.

Last friday I finally received my mint conditioned T3 and I took it out on the weekend to test it out. I loaded it with a Kodak Gold 200 and the photos that came out were just plain sharp! I’m very much impressed. Although, it is slightly bigger to fit into my jean’s pocket but it is still portable.

Anyway, these are some of the sample photos I took while roaming around Melbourne’s CBD. Photos were scanned by Michael’s camera.

000017 SML000016000018000020000022-2000027000028000030


8 Comments to “On a sunny winter’s day”

  1. The shot with the Optus shop……………… I’ve stayed in that building………. incredible view of that part of town.

    • Lucky you. I’ve always wanted to know what its like to stay in one of those buildings in the city.

      • It was back when my daughter in law was expecting and the two mums and her had a few days before she became a mum. I got in on the act because they had to go home and the apartment was booked for one more day. Extremely cool to stay in the city. We live in the Hills outside Melbourne and sometimes stay at The Windsor……. which is cool, but this was different.

  2. oh shoot! they’re good and of couese the food looks yummy! are you ever on IG?

  3. The pictures came out wonderful! Need to go on a photowalk again soon!

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