Jesse “Pinkman” Boston Terrier

I’ve been very busy lately with moving out of my old rental place & moving into my new home. Also, I’ve been kept busy with the newest addition to my family member – Jesse. I’ve always wanted a dog and finally now that I have my own place I’m able to own one.

Here’s a little bit about Jesse. She’s named after Jesse Pinkman (One of the main characters in the TV series Breaking Bad). Jesse is a Boston Terrier and I adopted her when she’s 7 months old. By the time I’m writing this blog, she’s approx. 11 months now. Time does flies. Anyway, here are some photos I have taken of her at her best behaviour.




2 Comments to “Jesse “Pinkman” Boston Terrier”

  1. cool shots, cool dog

  2. Wow she’s beautiful. Great shots too.

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