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April 27, 2014

Fort Nepean

Took a day trip exploring the Fort Nepean – Mornington Peninsula yesterday. It was the former defensive facility occupying part of Point Nepean,Victoria. We had to park our car at the parking area and walked approx. 2km one way to the engine house. It was pouring earlier in the day and then the wind was freakishly strong that we struggled to walk a straight line. 

To this date, this place is called “Victoria’s Gibraltar”, and here are some photos taken after the rain.

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April 25, 2014

Jesse “Pinkman” Boston Terrier

I’ve been very busy lately with moving out of my old rental place & moving into my new home. Also, I’ve been kept busy with the newest addition to my family member – Jesse. I’ve always wanted a dog and finally now that I have my own place I’m able to own one.

Here’s a little bit about Jesse. She’s named after Jesse Pinkman (One of the main characters in the TV series Breaking Bad). Jesse is a Boston Terrier and I adopted her when she’s 7 months old. By the time I’m writing this blog, she’s approx. 11 months now. Time does flies. Anyway, here are some photos I have taken of her at her best behaviour.